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Our premium quality UAV can hover desired heights at nearly 15-20 KM/h. We have assisted railways with our aerial survey and aerial monitoring services, and empower them to effectively inspect potential land for new Railway tracks, railway stations, etc. The first step includes an extensive survey of the land to ensure it is viable for further construction. After capturing comprehensive data, our team of GIS experts processes and produces varying topographical maps, and 3D Models portraying Topography, Utility Lines, Drainage Slopes, and existing risks to test the feasibility of the new project's feasibility.



This stage plays a significant role in controlling the budget of the project. Through our Aerial Construction Monitoring Solution, Railway project managers can reduce the overall construction time needed. Lesser the time invested, lesser the cost! Aerial data covering all dimensions of railways plans while maintaining all the safety standards.

Assets management


Keeping a record of all assets and resources is one of the most significant aspects of any construction type. We help Project managers to regularly track onsite stock materials during Construction Monitoring and boost the efficiency of projects. Managing cutting-edge technology, we triumphantly achieve 99% accuracy in stockpiles Volume Estimation.



Allowing you to access places that are hard-to-reach or simply hazardous for humankind, aerial inspection is the optimal solution. Railway bridges, for example is an infrastructure that needs comprehensive and accurate assessment. Without endangering work personnel and being economically responsible, drones allow details of the structure to be revealed and analyzed. Our GIS specialists produce multiple 3D models and topographical maps to secure the structural integrity of Buildings and Bridges.


UAV inspection is the optimal method for scheduled inspection and maintenance of high traffic railway tracks. Our established drone pilots acquire Drone Data quickly while sustaining all railway safety standards. Our GIS team then reconstructs the high-resolution aerial images obtained into several topographical maps like 3D models, 3D Point Cloud, 3D textured mesh, etc. Images procured through track inspection, thermal inspection, structural inspection, etc., are perfected by the process of Orthoimagery. The data obtained is used to determine the length of the track, detect possible dangers and support railways to bypass any catastrophic damage.

Advantages of our solution with Unmanned Flight Systems for Railways

Higher-resolution visual inspections with UAV compared to ground-based inspections;

Safely monitor the condition of all inaccessible railway infrastructure;

Save cost, time and resources with UAV Survey & Inspection compared to ground-based approach;

Safety of personnel - Inspection and Monitoring without placing a human on the track.

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