The primary step of pre-construction surveys for the proposed land is one of the most critical stages of planning and design. With our top-quality drones and trained drone pilots, we can obtain extensive aerial data in a fraction of time as encountered by traditional methods. We encourage project managers towards quick decision-making with 2D Models, 3d Models, and various highly specific topographical maps portraying utility lines, drainage slopes, land slopes, etc.



Construction Progress Monitoring guarantees that the intended construction is compatible with the budget put forth by the contractor. This stage also monitors and maintains records of all the work done to secure consistency with blueprints and specifications. We help project managers to minimize the overall time required for construction by a notable factor with our Aerial Construction monitoring solutions. Our crew processes the aerial data to communicate critical information such as unfinished bridge pillars, unfinished road embankment, Incomplete construction sites, incomplete road lanes, etc.

Assets management


Employing machine learning for the determination of onsite construction supplies, we can achieve 99% accurate data. The collection of information using our high-quality drones is remarkably quick, reliable, and cost-effective. Keeping track of the stockpile allows project managers to control the budget and increase efficiency. Regular and precise volume estimation is said to tighten supply chain management, reflect detailed forecasts and decrease costly write-offs. Our exquisite drones seize more topographic data and elevation of contour lines as contrasted to traditional methods.



We extend Highway Aerial Inspection services employing state-of-the-art drones furnished with advanced RGB that allow us to create deliverables such as topography and contour maps, with 2D and 3D models. We do an in-depth review of Highway and Roadways infrastructure covering details such as potholes and cracks, power lines, crash barriers, boundaries, soil embankment, etc. Our exquisite UAV seize more topographic data and elevation of contour lines as contrasted to traditional methods.


UAV Inspection of bridges is the optimal way to investigate inaccessible and hazardous areas of bridges quickly. Our UAV Inspection achieve high-resolution data that produce accurate GIS maps and 3d models for identifying concrete delamination and mapping riverbank conditions (upstream and downstream). The topographic mapping helps authorities to secure the foundation of the bridge.

Advantages of using Unmanned Aerial Systems for road maps

An advanced yet perfect symbol of efficiency and performance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are the key to sustainable and effective road construction, highway infrastructure management, bridge inspection and road management operations. Powered by new-age technologies, drones help in various situations, especially important for distress monitoring and many similar applications.


UAV imagery pools in substantial benefits that amount to acquiring qualitative visual content and aerial photography. The use of orthomosaic maps for survey and mapping proves essential for timely and high-resolution aerial footage.


UAV have proved to be heavily instrumental in copious operations concerning road construction, highway infrastructure and bridge inspection. Each project goes around bountiful documentation and reports that help bring the construction models to life. The drones' application helps uncover the details that lie within every construction in terms of aerial footage and content. The data collected from drones by their specialized data processing abilities are used in the documentation records for further determinations. This saves time in terms of road mapping and surveying as performed by them.


UAV technology is utilized to map the aerial footage captured in real-time for views to accentuate the construction model's perception and its purpose. The 3D model helps create 3D references, prototypes and similar notes for an enriched road construction, and maintenance solution.

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